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Welcome to the 2022 Smartwater Invitational Soccer Tournament

Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2022 Smartwater Invitational Soccer Tournament

Div Champion Finalist
BoysU84v42014 Boys BlueLegends FC 2015 Boys Black
BoysU87v7Legends FC 2014 Boys BlackMichigan Stars Lightning 2014 Boys White
BoysU9BlueMI Wolves 13 GoldVardar 2013
BoysU9WhiteMISTARSLIGHTNING14BWaza FC 2013 Royals
BoysU10WhiteMichigan Tigers 2012B BlueWaza 2012 Boys Royal
BoysU11WhiteOkemos Soccer Club U11BLegends FC 2011 Boys Blue
BoysU12BlueVardar 2011Fury 10 Red
BoysU12WhiteSWM Kickers 2010 Boys BlueLegends 2011 Boys Black
BoysU13MI WOLVES 2010 GOLD ACADEMYNovi Parks SC 09 Lightning Gold
BoysU14-15Perrysburg SC - U14 BlackMichigan Wolves 08 Black
BoysU15-18Legends 2004 Boys BlueMichigan Wolves North 04B
GirlsU84v4BlueWaza FC 2014 BlackNationals Livonia 2014 Girls Black
GirlsU84v4WhiteLegends FC 2015 Girls BlackLegends FC Thunder 2014 Girls Blue
GirlsU87v7Michigan Tigers 2014G GoldMichigan Stars Lightning
GirlsU9Michigan Tigers 2013G SilverVardar 2013
GirlsU10Midland Fusion 2012Legends FC 2012 Girls Blue
GirlsU11BlueLegends 2011 Girls Blue2011 Dearborn Jaguars Girls Green
GirlsU11WhiteSaline FC 11 Girls Black2011 Girls Lightning White
GirlsU12Nationals Macomb 2010 Girls RedSaline FC 10 Girls Gold
GirlsU13Saginaw Michigan Hawks 09Lady Chiefs 09 Red
GirlsU14Saline FC 07 Girls GoldLegends 2008 Girls Blue



Smartwater Invitational Soccer Tournament

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